Guidance for remote quality surveillance

IOGP Report 609

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Throughout the extensive global supply chain, the manufacturing and construction of materials and equipment undergo rigorous quality processes to ensure safe and reliable operations. This includes, in-person quality inspections performed by the supplier (manufacturer, fabricator, service provider), as well as quality surveillance of critical aspects of the manufacturing, fabrication, or service process by purchaser representatives or independent observers. While quality inspections continue to take place onsite, technology solutions have become available to substitute in-person quality surveillance through remote quality surveillance (RQS). This affords the observer the option to witnesses critical aspects of those processes remotely without having to participate in-person at the site of the activity. RQS is a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable quality surveillance strategy enabled by information and communication technology (ICT). The following guideline provides recommended practices related to the use of RQS for application in the oil and gas industry.