Energising Europe’s Future

How oil & gas can help meet the challenges ahead for Europe


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How oil & gas can help meet the challenges ahead for Europe

The next European Parliament must strive for a brighter future. Oil and gas can create jobs, increase competitiveness and improve energy security.

The European Union is currently struggling to emerge from its deep economic and financial crisis, which has led to high unemployment and sluggish growth, and is crippling national budgets. At the same time, Europe is importing more and more energy, while its long-term climate policy remains uncertain.

Europe’s prosperity over centuries was built on its access to energy resources—most recently oil and gas. Thanks to new technologies, those resources remain available.

We encourage policy-makers to create the right conditions to enable the investment and development needed to energise Europe’s future. Our industry is working globally to protect Europe’s future and to meet the growing energy demand.

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