IOGP Report 472 – Country evacuation planning guidelines (Restricted to IOGP Members)

IOGP Report 472R

Learn how to provide guidance and direction in evacuation planning
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This document is restricted to IOGP Members only. For access to this report, please visit the IOGP Members’ Area.

Learn how to provide guidance and direction in evacuation planning.

This report is a revision of the original 2012 document. It contains new guidance on local staff, and a new section on journey management.

If a country’s situation deteriorates, for whatever reason, to a degree where the safety and security of employees and their dependants are endangered, it may become necessary to implement additional security procedures. This may involve suspending or curtailing normal operations, and may result in the need to facilitate the evacuation of personnel out of the country to a safe destination.

This report is designed to provide guidance and direction to management and personnel in the event of an evacuation of personnel, and/or approved dependants, from the impacted country.

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