Life-saving rules

This report outlines a set of IOGP Life-Saving Rules which can be used in the oil & gas industry to mitigate risk and reduce fatalities.

The Rules focus on modifying worker and supervisor behaviours in the workplace by raising awareness of the activities which are most likely to result in fatalities and simple actions individuals can take to protect themselves and others.

Each IOGP Life-Saving Rule consists of a simple icon and descriptive text, with additional detailed guidance to explain why the Rule is important and what aspects workers and supervisors should focus on. Each Rule is also linked to controls and barriers which if used properly can circumvent fatal incidents.

The report also provides guidance on how to communicate and effectively implement these rules within companies.

Version 2 sees only minor changes to the report itself but a major re-design of the various supporting materials.

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Supporting materials

Materials are made available under the Life-Saving Rules User Agreement

The user accepts that any use of the IOGP Life Saving Rules shall be on an ‘as is basis’ and that the responsibility for the interpretation and use of the IOGP Life Saving Rules lies with the user. In no event will the IOGP or any contributor to the development of the IOGP Life Saving Rules (or an affiliate of such contributor) be liable for (financial or other) damages or losses of any kind whatsoever sustained by any third party arising from the possession, use of, or reliance on, the IOGP Life Saving Rules.

The user further agrees to only use the IOGP Life Saving Icons and specific accompanying wording un-amended in the form as provided by IOGP

Please Contact IOGP to request access to the following material:

  • 459.1     Eps & jpg files of Core Rules – Zip folder
  • 459.2     Eps & jpg files of Supplementary Rules -Zip folder
  • 495.3     Jpg files of all workcards for all 18 Rules – Zip folder

Supporting files