Environmental Good Practice Guides

(published in the last 5 years)

We are dedicated to identifying and spreading good environmental practice wherever the upstream industry operates.

Environmental management

Management systems and practices, technologies and procedures that prevent and minimize environmental impact.

Biodiversity Ecosystem Services

Guidance on the management of biodiversity econsystem services.

Oil Spill Preparednesss & Response

Resources to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the world.

Climate, GHGs, EE

Helping the industry be part of the climate change solution by developing industry guidelines on GHG reporting, climate change and energy efficiency.

Sound and Marine Life

Resources that help to identify, conduct and support research to further to improve the scientific understanding of the potential impact of Exploration and Production sound on marine life.

Environmental management

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Environmental management in the upstream oil and gas industry

This Report provides a detailed overview of environmental management practices in the upstream oil and gas industry. The primary focus is on managing the risk from potential impacts to the natural environment during exploration and production of oil and gas.

Environmental management in the oil and gas industry

This report is intended to function as a primer, or introductory document, to the fundamentals of environmental management as it is practiced in today’s upstream oil and gas industry.

Environmental data collection user guide (2018 data) – Definitions and exclusions

The Environmental data reporting user guide (2018eu) outlines the scope (what is included and excluded), and provides definitions to assist reporting companies in compiling and classifying environmental data.

Environmental performance indicators – 2017 data

Part of IOGP’s Data Series, this report summarises information on exploration and production (E&P) activities carried out by contributing IOGP member companies in 2017.

Biodiversity Ecosystem Services

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Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals

Oil Spill Preparedness & Response

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You can find more resources at the Oil Spill Response Project including technical reports, research reports, videos and presentations.

Economic assessment and compensation for marine oil releases
In-water surveillance of oil spills at sea
At-sea containment and recovery
Satellite remote sensing of oil spills at sea

Climate, GHGs, EE

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Flaring management guidance for the oil and gas industry – a summary
Flaring Management Guidance

Sound and Marine Life

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For more Sound and Marine Life publications, visit Sound and Marine Life JIP and Arctic Oil Spill Response JIP

An overview of marine seismic operations
Recommended monitoring and mitigation measures for cetaceans during marine seismic survey geophysical operations
Seismic Surveys & Marine Mammals – joint OGP/IAGC position paper (2017)
Seismic Surveys & Marine Mammals – joint OGP/IAGC position paper (2017)