Security Committee: A Capitol idea

At the latest OGP Security Committee meeting the agenda included discussions about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on security measurement, guidelines for security considerations during an operation’s project lifecycle and guidelines on managing kidnapping risk. Participants also reviewed near-final drafts of guidelines, with lead authors taking all comments into consideration.

Committee Chair Jean-Louis Kibort, of Total, commended Jamie Jemmeson (Conoco), Graham Bullock (Nexen) and John Webb (Chevron) for delivering a superbly organized and highly interactive event.

“It was our Committee’s best-attended meeting yet, attracting a wide cross-section of members, many of whom travelled considerable distances to join us,” he added.

“In addition,” said Jean-Louis, “we established a very promising contact with the American Petroleum Institute.”

Attendees rounded off their meeting with a tour of Washington D.C’s highlights.

The cultural outing included a guided tour of Capitol Hill and visits to the White House and the Air and Space Museum on the Mall. “This was followed by an exquisite dinner on site with guest speaker General Hayden, ex CIA and NSA Director,” added Jean-Louis.

Photo: Members of the OGP Security Committee on Capitol Hill and at the White House.

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