Cutting threats down to size: OGP publishes Security Management System

OGP has published Security management system – processes and concepts in security management.  Its aim: to provide the industry with a ‘step-by-step’ process to implement an effective security management system in line with companies’ own  visions, strategies and cultures.

A security management system (SMS) is an essential part of an overall management system. It provides the structure to enable identification of potential threats to an organization.  This includes establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing and maintaining all appropriate measures to provide effective management of any security risks.

The report is based upon guidance and concepts in OGP publication No. 510, Operating management system framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in the oil and gas industry.  The new guidance provides a high level oversight of what the main components of a security management system could be.

The report’s appendix provides:

  • A summary of the main components of the SMS for education and training purposes
  • A checklist of the main points for implementation and audit purposes
  • An aide memoire for management purposes

The report is available for download from the OGP website.

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