Crisis management on the agenda

Whether through terrorism, criminality or disease, the oil and gas industry faces very real risks and must be ready to overcome them.

To address this, IOGP’s Security Committee met in Tokyo last year to discuss ways the industry can improve its crisis management capabilities. Kindly hosted by INPEX, the Committee organised a workshop where members shared their experiences and knowledge.

It was the first Security Committee meeting in a long time to take place in Asia. Despite the travel distances – and jet lag – the meeting was well-attended and highly productive.

Discussion topics included information security, key performance indicators (KPIs), managing kidnapping risk, security risk assessment, shale gas security specification and guard force management – all of which are the basis for position papers or guidelines for publication in 2015.

The trip also included a taste of Japanese culture – attendees took a walking tour of the city, visited a temple and enjoyed an authentic Japanese dinner.

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