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IOGP Pulse – February 2021

Welcome to Pulse

The IOGP Communications Team welcomes you to the February 2021 Pulse edition. This month we want to shed a light on one of our most impressive committees, one not everyone is familiar with: the Geomatics Committee.

We also want to celebrate the first anniversary of our Memorandum of Understanding with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Asociación Mexicana de Empresas de Hidrocarburos (AMEXHI) and, finally, we want to learn from you how we could further improve our newsletter.

We wish you a pleasant read.


Ritva Westendorf-Lahouse & Danny Walsh

3 questions…. on Geomatics

Lucyna (Lucy) Kryla-Straszewska, IOGP Geomatics and Metocean Manager, describes the work of the Geomatics Committee

‘P’ is for positioning

IOGP releases new P7/17 wellbore positioning data exchange format

Management Committee Update

IOGP has welcomed Kimberly (Kim) McHugh to its Management Committee.

Americas – fruitful collaboration continues  

How IOGP, API and AMEXHI jointly help advance operational performance.

Three Sound and Marine Life Members to retire after years of service

IOGP thanks Mike Jenkerson, Linda Zimmerman and Gary Isaksen for their support and guidance.

4 ways IOGP is advancing industry-wide information standards

IOGP’s Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC), now chaired by Emile Coetzer (Chevron), is committed to advancing information standards and digitalization opportunities.

An Inconvenient Truth … The Misconceptions and Myths of the Oil and Gas Industry – part 1

Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director, recently posted a LinkedIn article on the public perception of the oil and gas industry. Read the article on LinkedIn.

Showcasing the role of oil and gas

What role do oil and gas play in a world transitioning towards a lower carbon future? Which household items may be made of hydrocarbons? Where can you find oil and gas in the medical field? How does Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) work? And what about clean hydrogen? IOGP has developed several infographics showcasing the role of oil and gas and the role of our industry. Have a look at our Publications Library.

Bloomberg quotes IOGP aviation safety Chair

IOGP’s Aviation Subcommittee Chair, Tony Cramp, was quoted in a Bloomberg article on Helicopter safety (paywall). To learn more about our work in the area of helicopter safety, please read the recently published Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP) (IOGP Report 690).

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Following an online survey in early 2020, we launched our monthly newsletter Pulse. One year later, we would like to know: What do you like? Where can we improve? We would be most grateful if you could take a moment to answer a couple of questions.

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