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IOGP Pulse – February 2022

In this issue, we welcome Trident Energy and learn about the Start Work Checks, an effective human performance tool the IOGP Safety Committee is rolling out to help save lives and reduce injuries in the oil and gas industry.
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The IOGP Communications Team

Trident Energy joins IOGP 

IOGP welcomes its newest member, Trident Energy – an expert in redeveloping mid-life oil and gas assets.

Start Work Checks: a new way to improve safety

Before you leave the house, do you check to make sure you have your wallet, keys, and phone? Congratulations, you have completed a Start Work Check (SWC).

Inclusion of gas in the Taxonomy Regulation supports EU ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2050

By including gas in the EU Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act, the Commission has underlined the importance of financing investments into gas-fired power and heat plants as a key tool in decarbonizing the EU economy.

Decarbonization technologies will be on the agenda in Korea

Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director, will participate in the ‘Innovative technologies – challenges, opportunities and uncertainties in gas markets’ panel at the 28th World Gas Conference, in Korea, in May.

A step forward for flexible pipe safety in operations

IOGP has built upon existing industry standards and specifications for flexible pipes with the publication of a new guideline on the qualification of internal pressure sheaths in flexible pipe that offers robust testing procedures for critical infrastructure.

Dispersant decision toolkit now available

Did you know that dispersants can be an effective way of minimizing the overall ecological and socioeconomic damage of oil spills, enhancing natural biodegradation processes, and preventing oil from reaching coastal habitats and shorelines?

Metocean reports published to improve understanding of climate change on tropical cyclones

IOGP’s Metocean Committee has published an overview of the current state of and recent developments in short-term forecasting of tropical cyclones.

S-560 LV Switchgear and Controlgear launched for public review

JIP33 has issued the S-560 LV Switchgear and Controlgear specification for public review.  The consultation period will run for 5 weeks and will close on Monday, 07 March 2022 at 23:00 GMT.

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