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IOGP releases Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) version 2

(London) The IOGP Geomatics Committee’s Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) Task Force has completed SSDM version 2 incorporating industry feedback received since the release of SSDM version 1 in April 2011.


The Seabed Survey Data Model is an industry standard for the storage and management of seabed survey data.

SSDM version 2 features the following key updates:

  • UML design of the model in Enterprise Architect for both ArcGIS implementation and GML encoding
  • Compliance with EPSG Coordinate Reference System schema and consistency with other IOGP Standards
  • Centralized reference for units of measure
  • Expanded definition of seabed and subsurface features
  • Complete Symbology stylesheet for SSDM Features (incl. CAD Stylesheet)
  • Integration of environmental/benthic and geotechnical surveys
  • Considerations for long-term sustainability and maintenance of the SSDM schema

Detailed description of updates is included in the SSDM version 2 Change Log documentation.

Version 2 of the SSDM package may be downloaded from IOGP Geomatics pages:

All SSDM version 2 supporting documentation, including updated IOGP Reports: Guidelines for the use of the Seabed Survey Data Model (Report 462-01) and Guideline for the delivery of the Seabed Survey Data Model (Report 462-02), is also available via IOGP Bookstore.

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