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IOGP releases Geomatics Guidance Note 24: Vertical Data in Oil and Gas Applications

(London) The IOGP has released the Geomatics Guidance Note 24 (IOGP Report Number: 373-24), Vertical Data in Oil and Gas Applications.

The guidance note discusses issues associated with the use of vertical coordinate data in the oil and gas industry, and is aimed at geoscientists, data managers and software developers.

Horizontal and vertical data are equally important in oil and gas exploration and development processes, and incomplete attention to either can impact the integrity, resolution and accuracy of the resultant datasets. Typically, vertical data is not worked to the same level of detail as horizontal data, and the perceived accuracy of the vertical data is often higher than it is in reality. There is generally insufficient attention to reference surfaces and inconsistent use of terminology which can result in erroneous offsets being introduced to datasets.

Axis directions (heights and depths) are frequently interchanged without an appropriate audit trail. These errors are often the result of transferring data between applications, either through software exchanges or common data exchange formats without the transfer of the associated metadata including an explicit definition of the vertical geodetic datum and coordinate reference system (CRS).

This guidance note describes the basic concepts of vertical CRSs and reference surfaces used with vertical data. Guidance is provided for the appropriate use of vertical coordinate reference system definitions and on the importance of the correct unit of measure and vertical axis direction definitions. The use of audit trails to record all coordinate operations performed on data is recommended, with worked examples to provide clarification on the level of detail required.

Copies of the Guidance Note 24 can be downloaded free from the IOGP Bookstore.

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