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IOGP JIP commits to safety investment through new project with HeliOffshore

Today (Monday 27th January 2020) the Safety and Aviation Committee of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) endorsed plans for a new aviation-focused Joint Industry Project (JIP) to fund work in support of its Project Safira goal of eliminating fatalities from the upstream energy business.

The JIP will result in fresh investment of approximately £500,000 in the first 12 months for key programmes designed by IOGP and HeliOffshore to deliver the greatest safety value.  It also provides a platform for further strategic investment in subsequent years.  Ten IOGP member companies have committed investment and more companies are expected to join them in the coming months.

Olav Skar, IOGP Safety Director and JIP37 chairperson, said: “I am proud to be afforded the opportunity to contribute to the safety of our global work force as a force for good.  JIP37 already has strong backing in our industry and we remain open for those who share our mantra of wanting to lead a positive impact.  We carry deep respect for the work HeliOffshore does.  We are humble in joining their efforts, which we expect will deliver a positive impact beyond the oil and gas industry as well.  Together, we really do make a bigger difference!”

JIP37 committee
Members of IOGP's Safety and Aviation Committee with Gretchen Haskins, HeliOffshore CEO (front right).

Initially, the JIP will support the following activities:

  • HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme (HSIP) to support data-driven decisions on how to advance key safety programmes, and verify that these programmes are delivering the desired effect;
  • Human Hazard Analysis training and support work to systematically consider the potential for human error and develop ways to address these through changes in design and maintenance procedures;
  • Operational effectiveness projects such as evidence-based training, pilot eye-tracking research and a new weather information and rig location trial.

Tony Cramp, Chairman of the IOGP Aviation Committee said: “The unique collaboration demonstrated by the JIP participants offers a means of accelerating vital offshore helicopter safety programmes, combining with the expertise of our HeliOffshore and helicopter operator partners, to deliver the zero fatality operation performance we all strive for.”

Gretchen Haskins, HeliOffshore CEO said: “We are delighted with this strong commitment from the oil companies to our shared work to deliver safety excellence in areas we know will save lives.  It is especially encouraging to see this powerful investment in safety in the current challenging business environment.  We call for our members to create the business case for JIP funding for new collaborative projects with the potential to prevent fatalities.  Together, we will deliver important breakthroughs in safety performance so every flight is a safe one.”

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