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IOGP publishes the Technical Notes to supplement the Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys

(London) A properly-conducted drilling hazard site survey for an offshore drilling location is essential to minimise the risk of harm to personnel and equipment and to protect the natural environment.

In 2013, IOGP published the Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys (IOGP No. 373-18-1). This describes oilfield good practice for conducting geophysical and hydrographic site surveys of proposed offshore drilling locations.

IOGP’s new Technical Notes publication (IOGP No. 373-18-2) provides extensive supporting technical information to the Guidelines. This includes background theory on the various phases in delivery of a site survey project, on the vessels and equipment used to acquire site survey data, and on the data processing and interpretation techniques.

IOGP’s Geomatics Committee has worked with representatives from the marine survey industry to produce an extensive review and update of the site survey guidelines previously published by UKOOA (now Oil & Gas UK). The result is a completely revised set of documents that address latest technologies and techniques in delivery of drilling hazard site surveys.

While the Guidelines and the Technical Notes do not set out to directly address planning and delivery of other types of survey projects, the techniques described may also be applied to other types of seabed surveys for platform sites and pipeline and cable routes.

Copies of the Guidelines and the Technical Notes can be downloaded free from the IOGP library at

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