Gas from shale press releases

Shale gas chemical disclosure site reaches 10-well milestone, the voluntary oil & gas industry natural gas from shale well disclosure website, has published its tenth well disclosure sheet.

NGS Facts is a web-based European chemical disclosure platform. Launched in June 2013 by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), it gives public access to information about the contents of the fracturing fluids being used for shale wells in Europe.

“This milestone shows that the upstream industry continues to support our efforts to address public concerns about one of the most promising energy technologies,” says the Association’s Executive Director Michael Engell-Jensen.

“As the European industry develops, we are committed to developing the site into a major, centralised information source for anyone interested in shale gas exploration and production. This will mean disclosure sheets for all NGS wells in the European Economic Area (EEA).”

OGP is reaching out to increase operator participation. In order to participate they must commit to submitting data in a timely manner for all of their EEA-located NGS-directed hydraulically fractured wells.

A similar website,, provides information about the contents of the fracturing fluids being used in US and Canadian shale gas wells.
The ten well sites featured on are all in Poland. The data come from ConocoPhillips/Lane Energy Poland, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Poland Sp. Z o o, Marathon Oil Polska and Chevron Polska Energy Resources.

OGP is pleased to announce that Shale Gas Europe and Eurometaux have formally indicated their support for the initiative.

In addition to providing well disclosure information, NGSFacts answers frequently asked questions about the exploration and production of unconventional gas. The queries cover central topics such as water, chemicals, seismicity and greenhouse gas.

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