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Low-Carbon Hydrogen Can Only Strengthen Linz Initiative


(Linz, 18 September 2018) IOGP welcomes the high-level initiative to promote the role and use of hydrogen as an energy storage solution, a feedstock, and a zero-emission energy carrier. However, the text focuses mainly on renewable hydrogen and pays insufficient attention to the large potential of sustainable hydrogen produced from natural gas with CCS.

IOGP believes that in the future the initiative must rebalance its focus to ensure that the EU fully benefit from all technologies that can contribute to industrial decarbonisation.

“We welcome an initiative that looks to the future, however since natural gas reformation is the largest source of hydrogen production today any credible action to see hydrogen play a larger role in our societies will also have to include such reformation technologies. With deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage, gas will become a scalable source of low-carbon hydrogen supply for the long run” said François-Régis Mouton, Director EU Affairs at IOGP, at the conference organized by the Austrian Presidency in Linz the day before.

As the EU begins work on its Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategy, a wide range of technological solutions will be necessary to help reach the EU’s own emission reduction objectives and its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Renewable hydrogen is produced through electrolysis of electricity from wind or solar energy; as such it can serve as a storage solution for variable sources of energy. Steam methane reforming of natural gas combined with CCS can be a scalable source of low-carbon hydrogen available all day, all year long.

The hydrogen produced through both methods could be used in transport, household heating, energy storage, power generation, but also as a clean feedstock for Europe’s energy intensive industry, giving it a competitive advantage in a carbon neutral economy.

“We have and will continue to share our vision at the highest level of the Commission, and to Ministers. If Europe is serious about hydrogen, it needs to consider all sustainable ways of producing it. The more volumes of sustainable hydrogen there are on the market, the more it will benefit consumers and the EU’s overall climate efforts” François-Régis added.

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