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Digital transformation project reaches first milestone

London, 10 September 2020 – An IOGP initiative to enable cost-effective digitalization has reached a key milestone with the publication of its first list of supported information standards.

Whereas a technical standard specifies technical guidance and rules, an information standard specifies how information should be categorized, classified, or specified.

“By aligning the large number of information standards being used today and then driving adoption across the industry, we can reduce cost significantly.” says Ken Dunn, bp, who leads the IOGP Digitalization & Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC), established to drive adoption of digitalization based on  information standards in the oil and gas industry. 

Ken continues: “Currently, digitalization and digital transformation is impeded by a lack of harmonization between standards (many have overlaps). It requires a dynamic process with revisions and updates before the final map of information standards is completed. Our focus is on industry-wide, non-competitive collaboration and standardization. This first list of supported information standards is the start. It will enable more cost-effective digitalization across the industry. We’re looking forward to further progress next year.”

The 27 supported information standards are:

  • ISO 19128 – Geographic information
  • ISO 8601 – Date and time
  • ISO 80000 – Quantities and units
  • ISO 639 – Code for name of Languages
  • ISO 3166 – Country codes
  • ISO 4217 – Code for currencies
  • ISO 55000 – Asset management
  • ISO 14224 – Petroleum maintenance data
  • ISO 15926 – Common digital language
  • ISO 19008 – Standard cost coding system
  • ISO 18101 – Oil and Gas Interoperability Technical Specification
  • IEC 61360 – Standard data element types with associated classification scheme for electric components (Common Data Dictionary)
  • IEC 61987 – Data structures and elements in process equipment catalogues
  • IEC 62683 – Low-voltage switchgear and control gear – Product data and properties for information exchange
  • ISO 22745 – OTD
  • IEC 62541 – OPC UA, Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture
  • IEC 62769 – Field Device Integration
  • IEC 62832 – Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Digital factory framework
  • IEC 63280 – Automation engineering (MTP)
  • IEC 63131 – System control diagram
  • IEC 61131 – PLCopen
  • IEC 61499 – Generic model for distributed control systems
  • IEC 62714 – Automation ML
  • IEC 62443 – Security
  • IEC 62890 – Life-cycle and Value Stream
  • IEC 62264 – Enterprise Control System Integration
  • IEC 61512 – Batch Control

About IOGP

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is the voice of the global upstream industry. Oil and gas continue to provide a significant proportion of the world’s energy to meet growing demands for heat, light and transport.

Our Members produce 40% of the world’s oil and gas. They operate in all producing regions: The Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caspian, Asia and Australia.

We serve industry regulators as a global partner for improving safety, environmental and social performance. We also act as a uniquely upstream forum in which our members identify and share knowledge and good practices to achieve improvements in health, safety, the environment, security and social responsibility.


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