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IOGP statement on “Fossil Free Politics” campaign

Last week, a network of environmental organisations launched a campaign (Fossil Free Politics) aiming to restrict the right of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and its Members to engage in the democratic and necessary public policy debate around energy and climate.

Tackling our common climate change and energy challenges will require wide societal changes. We believe therefore that a public debate that is inclusive, collaborative and oriented towards actions will serve Europe best.

IOGP represents an industry that supplies 60% of the energy used by 500 million Europeans and employs over one million EU citizens. We supply products that have become the building blocks of modern economies, be it across the transport, manufacturing, food, power generation or health sectors. We also believe we have solutions to offer for the future and wish to work constructively with all parts of society to develop these. We will do so in alignment with the Paris Agreement objectives and we are ready to make our contribution to the EU’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

Together with 30,000 other public affairs practitioners who have to follow the highest ethical standards and transparency rules, we respect European policymakers and their integrity. We believe in fact and science-based policy making and in advocacy based on reliable, verifiable and accurate information.

Europe is united in diversity and the right to express views and access the European institutions is enshrined in Europe’s founding principles. At IOGP we believe in the rule of law and equal treatment and that openness enables us all, citizens, businesses and NGOs to participate in the policy processes that bring our societies forward.

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