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Well control incidents database submissions a benefit to industry

OGP’s Wells Expert Committee Chair has urged all Association members to submit well control incident reports to the OGP Well control incidents database. It is equally important that they review the alerts derived from incident reports submitted by fellow members.

‘By participating in this on-going and cumulative project, OGP members are enhancing safety in the industry,’ said Richard Dyve Jones, Chair of the Wells Expert Committee. ‘I urge all members to help this learning system to thrive by submitting well control incident reports from their operations and by reviewing published alerts.’

The Wells Expert Committee (WEC) analyses the incident reports in the database, one of the major recommendations of the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG) on deepwater wells. A key aspect of this data collection initiative is the sharing of lessons learned among OGP member companies.

Since the initiative began in 2012, OGP has issued 24 Well Control Incident (WCI) Alerts. Sharing these alerts with the OGP community promotes learning and reduces the risk of repeating such incidents. The potential result: higher levels of well safety.

The reporting structure ensures anonymity for the contributor whilst allowing a thorough review by the WCI Subcommittee members. OGP members can access all of the relevant information at https://wci.iogp.org and via the OGP extranet. Once logged in, members may:

• Review all of the published alerts

• Subscribe to receive future alerts by email

• Download the form and instructions for reporting a well control incident

The database intends to capture both real incidents and near misses. Although the GIRG report focused on deepwater wells, the database is open to incident reports for all wells during rig operations. Now, submitting members can choose to share their alerts – publicly but anonymously – with the entire industry via the OGP Safety Zone website: https://www.iogp.org/Safety. Since this option was made available in 2014, 3 of the alerts have been shared on the Safety Zone website.

OGP members can access all resources at: https://wci.ogp.org.uk.

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