New Safety Chair seeks collective industry improvement

Antoine Augustin, newly elected Chair of the Safety Committee, is committed to making the industry ‘safer tomorrow than it is today’.

‘No one can afford another Macondo. Not operators, contractors, regulators or citizens concerned about the environment. Our challenge is to ensure, collectively, that it will not happen.’

As Chair, Antoine will work towards improving safety by maintaining a high level of exchange between Safety Committee members, co-ordinating with other OGP committees and oil & gas industry associations to avoid duplication of work, and by developing and promoting guidelines and recommended practices to support Member organizations to improve safety in their operations.

Antoine has an engineering degree in Geophysics and a PhD in Physics based on his work on wellbore measurements. Antoine began his career as a reservoir engineer. In 2003 he was appointed HSE Manager for GdF SUEZ Exploration & Production, dealing with all aspects of HSE, including security, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

In 2006 GdF SUEZ E&P became a member of OGP upon his recommendation and, since then, Antoine has been involved in the Safety Committee. He was Vice- Chair from 2011.

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