IOGP releases first vehicle crash data report

IOGP has published its first vehicle crash data report. IOGP 2014m, Safety performance indicators – Motor Vehicle Crash Data – 2008-2014, presents contributing IOGP Members’ global results for the seven years for the following indicators:

  • Number of motor vehicle collision fatalities
  • Number of motor vehicle crashes for each reporting group and category
  • Motor vehicle crash rate (motor vehicle crashes per million kilometres driven) for each reporting group and category.

The number of IOGP members submitting data has risen from 22 in 2008 to 35 in 2014.

Historically, vehicle crashes have been the single largest cause of oil and gas fatalities. To improve vehicle safety, in 2005, IOGP’s Land Transportation Network published Land transportation safety recommended practice. The number of reported crashes fell dramatically in 2009 and has stayed at the lower rate since then.
The new report shows that whilst fatalities have reduced since 2008, rollovers continue to be an area of concern. IOGP member companies reported 835 rollover incidents, 196 of which resulted in recordable injuries.

It also includes the results of a 2013 membership survey, which found that found that 88% of respondents partially or fully implemented IOGP 365, Land transportation safety recommended practice. These guidelines were designed to be applicable to all land transportation activities in the upstream oil and gas industry.

The report recommends that all companies operating, receiving or providing services involving land transportation have a management system in place that includes land transportation operations and which is based on a full assessment of the risks as well as control measures to address such risks.

Download the reports from the IOGP website: Safety performance indicators – Motor Vehicle Crash Data – 2008-2014 and Land transportation safety recommended practice


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