2013 safety performance data provides industry with benchmarking resource

OGP’s latest publication, the 2013 OGP Safety Performance Indicators, is an analysis of the safety performance data reported by 50 of OGP’s 62 member companies. It reports an 11% decrease in the number of fatalities per 100 million work hours. The number of fatalities fell from 88 in 2012 to 80 in 2013. Three incidents accounted for 33 of the fatalities.

Analysis of the fatal incident descriptions suggests that at least 67% of the fatal incidents reported in 2013 might have been avoided by following the OGP Life Saving Rules (OGP 459), a set of guidelines which the oil & gas industry can use to mitigate risk and reduce fatalities.

The data reveal that, over the years, a number of top causal factors related to fatal incidents and high potential events appear consistently. These are:

  • Inadequate training/competence
  • Improper decision making or lack of judgement
  • Inadequate work standards/procedures
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Inadequate hazard identification or risk assessment

Compared with 2012 data, the lost time injury frequency decreased by 6% and the total recordable injury rate decreased by 8%. However, the severity of lost work day cases increased.

Every year, OGP collects safety data on worldwide upstream operations, onshore and offshore, from participating member companies and their contractor employees. Collectively, this information forms the industry’s largest database of safety performance.

The annual safety reports provide trend analysis for the purposes of benchmarking.  They also identify areas and activities where efforts can bring about the greatest improvements in performance.

The following OGP publications supplement the annual report:

  • Fatal incidents report
  • High potential events report
  • Safety data reporting user’s guide, 2013 Data

Copies of the safety report itself (OGP 2013s) and supplements (OGP 2013sf, OGP 2013sh, OGP 2013su) are freely available to download from the OGP website –

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