OGP publishes updated health benchmarking tool

OGP’s Health Leading Performance Indicators – 2013 data is now available. The new edition provides oil and gas companies with an updated resource for benchmarking performance internally on a corporate basis and externally between participating companies.

The report uses two tools to gauge health management system performance across eight elements:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Medical emergency management
  • Management of ill-health
  • Fitness for task/surveillance
  • Health impact assessment
  • Health reporting
  • Public health/promotion

A percentage tool measures the extent of the management of the elements across a company’s business. It calculates the percentages as the result of each company’s self-assessment to measure the extent of their compliance with the requirements of each element.

A gap analysis tool allows for in-depth analysis at site and corporate levels, using the same eight health management system elements. However, in this tool, each element is further broken down into component statements relating to activities that different professionals may perform, or may not apply to a particular site or company.

The 2013 data represent 29 companies, all of which provided data for both tools. Fifteen of the companies also participated in 2012. Nine new companies provided data this year.

The scope of the health performance indicators data covers both upstream and downstream activities (unlike OGP’s other reports on safety, process safety and environmental performance data, which are exclusively upstream).

Download the report from the OGP website:

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