OGP & IPIECA recognise outstanding contributions

At a recent meeting of the OGP/IPIECA Health Committee, the two associations recognised the contributions of  Drs Alex Barbey and Clarion Johnson, of Schlumberger and ExxonMobil.

“Through his endeavors Alex has had a large stake in the Health Committee becoming the focal and reference point for all health related issues within the industry,” said Michael Engell-Jensen, Executive Director of OGP.

Brian Sullivan, Executive Director of IPIECA, said Clarion, as chair, “established common ground and inspired consensus and cohesion. He combined professional expertise with empathy, wisdom and leadership.”

Alex was cited for over two decades’ involvement with OGP. When he initially started working with the Association, it was known as the Exploration & Production Forum, and the issue of health was looked after by the Safety, Health and Personnel Competence Committee (SHAPCC). In the succeeding years, this committee was split up and Alex took on the mantle of Chair of the standalone Health Committee until its amalgamation in 2003 with the IPIECA Health Committee, which was being chaired by Dr Chris Roythorne of BP.   Alex and Chris then retired as chairs on the formation of a single committee under the Chairmanship of Clarion Johnson.

Clarion oversaw the smooth transition of the two Health Committees into a single entity and  continued to be its Chair until the appointment of Dr Alison Martin in 2007. He remained an active ambassador for both organisations at events around the world until his recent retirement.

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