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Oil & Gas industry urged to publish well data on NGS FACTS website

Natural Gas Europe recently interviewed OGP’s Deputy EU Affairs Director Rachel Bonfante, to ask her about, a new website which informs  users about  the contents of the “fracking fluid” being used in Europe.

Natural Gas Europe is web publication that provides information and analyses of European natural gas matters such as exploration, environment, regulation and energy security.

Rachel said that OGP hoped the site would become a hub for Europe, “so if people  in Italy or Sweden want to know what’s happening, they can find the information they want  easily and in a central place.”

The interview covers many issues relating to hydraulic fracturing, such as disclosure of ‘proprietary’ chemicals, disclosure regulations, safety, economic competitiveness and community support.

Rachel explained that OGP encourages companies to contribute to the NGS FACTS site because disclosure has become a fairly well accepted principle in the industry.

“It is the way forward, the best way to address a lot of concerns, the best way to open up a dialogue with citizens, stakeholders, regulators, NGOs, whoever they might be,” she said.

“I don’t think the industry has got anything to lose, frankly speaking. It’s all in our best interests to be out there, to get that dialogue going, to answer people’s questions. The only way we can do that is through disclosure, through a lot of communication, and the benefits are there,” she added.

The interview is posted at

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