New website for European audience and issues

IOGP’s EU office has launched, a new website to communicate the European oil and gas story to key audiences.

“This is a critical time for our industry,” says Nareg Terzian, IOGP EU Senior Manager, Strategic Communications and Media. “The European Green Deal is a game-changer: it will put everyone to the test. The EU wants to become climate neutral by 2050 – and we have solutions, so we need to show we’re ready to help, tell policymakers about these solutions, and remind them why oil and gas will still be needed, even in a carbon neutral society.”

Nareg and his team have taken a storytelling approach focused on breaking down ideas and proposing solutions to help move forward. They hope to deliver information in a ‘light’ way, and help users make sense of our industry. “We have published a Covid-19 update page to communicate how the industry is responding to the Corona pandemic, and have plans to build a better, more interactive timeline for the homepage.”

“We are confident this new site will help us tell our story, support our public affairs work, and facilitate access to information for our European audience.”

We would love to hear feedback on the new website. Please send comments to Nareg Terzian at

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