Environment Committee charts next five years

It is no secret that environmental issues can pose a threat to the industry. They can drive regulatory change and increase the expectations of stakeholders regarding industry performance. This can influence industry’s ability to access existing and new hydrocarbon resources.

At OGP, the Environment Committee (EC) works to address these threats and risks. Its work includes:

  • Sponsoring or undertaking scientific investigations, analyses and research to enable the development of appropriate risk management approaches
  • Developing and promoting good industry practices to manage environmental risk and improve performance
  • Carrying out advocacy to address regulatory changes with environmental implications and protect industry’s licence to operate
  • Engaging with stakeholders and collaborating with other organisations to improve the industry’s reputation

The Committee has just published a 5-year strategy which focuses on 3 priority areas.

The first priority areas:

Access – covers activities support to maintain the upstream oil & gas industry’s access to existing hydrocarbon resources and to gain access to new opportunities.

Operations –focuses on operational management including identification and assessment of potential environmental impacts and their associated risks/threats; developing strategies to manage/mitigate identified risks/threats; reporting on our industry sector’s environmental performance.

Advocacy and outreach – includes activities to raise awareness of the upstream oil & gas industry aimed at protecting its licence to operate and improving its reputation, through promotion of good practice implementation, advocacy, stakeholder engagement and the early identification of emerging environmental issues.

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