Emmanuel takes the environmental cake

Emmanuel Garland of Total, who recently announced his intention to step down as Chair of the Environment Committee, was presented with a cake at the Committee’s September meeting, held at the Silvertip resort Conference Center at Canmore in the Canadian Rockie

The ceremony was a token of thanks for Emmanuel’s commitment to OGP and for his ‘extraordinary contribution’ to the work of the Environment Committee throughout his eight years as Chair, due to end in December.  Succeeding him will be Co-Chairs will be Sue Ford of BP and Karl Fennessey of ConcoPhillips.

The Environment Committee is currently focussing, amongst other topics, on the completion of the Environmental-Social-Health risk and impact management processes online tool and accompanying document and a major review of the 2008 e-SHRIMP report (No 389). It will provide a flexible approach for the oil & gas industry to assess and manage ESH aspects, impacts and their related risks in project planning activities throughout the entire field development lifecycle.

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