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Health management performance report records consistency

‘Health reporting and record management’, necessary for the provision of robust data, continues to rank highly in IOGP’s latest report on health performance indicators. It has ranked in the top three for the past four years.

‘Medical emergency management’ and ‘management of ill-health in the workplace’ also score highly.

They are three of the eight health management elements measured in Health performance indicators – 2014 data, part of IOGP’s data series – which also reports on safety, process safety and environmental performance indicators.

The annual report provides the industry with up-to-date figures for their health management systems and uses two tools to gauge the health leading performance indicators of participating companies. This year 26 companies submitted data.

The ‘percentage tool’ measures the extent of a company’s management of the eight elements of their health management system across their business. The results can be used to compare performance between different parts of a company and between companies and the annual mean values of the participating companies.

The eight elements comprise:

  • Health risk assessment and planning
  • Industrial hygiene and control of workplace exposures
  • Medical emergency management
  • Management of ill-health in the workplace
  • Fitness for task assessment and health surveillance
  • Health impact assessment
  • Health reporting and record management
  • Public health interface and promotion of good health

The ‘gap analysis tool’ allows for in-depth analysis at site and corporate levels. Each of the same eight elements is further broken down into component statements relating to activities that may be performed by different professionals or may not apply to a particular site or company.

Unlike other reports in the data series, Health performance indicators features data from both upstream and downstream operations.

Participating companies complete a self-assessment of their performance (including data provided by associate member contract companies that have
chosen to participate).

Download the report here.

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