Number of the week

Every week, we post a ‘Number of the week’ to highlight the important role oil and gas plays in society. Each number is accompanied by a short explanation.

  • 35pc Canadian gas


    … of Canada’s energy needs are met by natural gas.

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  • 2

    Episode 2 of ‘Energy Illustrated’ (by IOGP Member BP) focuses on electric cars and the broader mobility revolution.

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  • 2,500

    … CCS facilities need to be operating by 2040 to meet the Paris 2C target (based on a facility with…

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  • 50 years of OTC


    The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), one of the upstream industry’s leading international events, marks its golden anniversary this week under…

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  • 700,000

    .the number of health workers supported by just one IOGP member company (ExxonMobil) since the year 2000. 

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  • 12 mentors


    … The number of millennial mentors who are coaching senior executives at BP in the skills, attitudes and expectations of…

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  • 95 million

    … tonnes of carbon dioxide that did NOT enter the atmosphere in 2018, thanks to the switch from coal to…

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  • 100

    API has just celebrated its centenary. The US natural gas and oil industry it represents provides reliable, affordable energy; supports…

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  • 106pc PI Oil C&S America


    The IOGP Production Indicator© (PI) for oil Central & South America. Just a decade ago, the region’s oil PI was…

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  • 2.3pc global demand


    … the 2018 rise in global energy demand, as recorded by the International Energy Agency (IEA).  ‘Natural gas emerged as…

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