Number of the week

Every week, we post a ‘Number of the week’ to highlight the important role oil and gas plays in society. Each number is accompanied by a short explanation.

  • Photo of 25


    … UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 takes place from 2 - 13 December in Madrid, Spain. Delegates are meeting…

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  • Photo of 3


    … the third edition of IOGP’s Global Production Report is out now.

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  • Photo of 47 percent

    47 percent

    47% of the world’s energy in 2040 is forecast to come from oil and gas, even in IEA’s 2019 Sustainable…

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  • Photo of 18


    18 videos that tell the oil and gas story. (More videos will follow).

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  • Photo of 7,000,000,000,000,000


    ... The US government estimates that the world more than 7 quadrillion cubic feet of proved gas reserves.

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  • Photo of $60 billion

    $60 billion

    ... The amount India is investing in gas infrastructure to help meet demand expected to double by 2030.

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  • Photo of 20


    ... Percent of global carbon emissions could be captured with CCS, once the technology is fully developed. Some of these…

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  • Photo of 10


    … Questions to test your knowledge of where your energy comes from, how it’s harnessed and how it makes its…

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  • Photo of 45


    … years advancing environmental and social performance in the global oil and gas industry. This year marks the 45th anniversary…

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  • Photo of 25,000 tonnes

    25,000 tonnes

    25,000 tonnes lifted in 9 seconds. Discover how cutting-edge technology helped Shell lift and recycle the Brent Bravo platform

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