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Benefits of oil and gas


4 ways to a cleaner engine

… ways to make the engine of tomorrow better and more environmentally friendly: Gasoline Compression Ignition Octane-on-Demand Opposed-Piston Engine Mobile Carbon Capture Source: Saudi Aramco

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+ 3% / + 5%

…the 2017 increase in demand for oil and gas respectively in Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy. Source: AG Energiebilanzen E.V.

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452,000 US jobs from LNG Number of the Week image

…the number of additional jobs that could be gained in the US by exporting more liquified natural gas. Source: ICF International

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U.S. Natural Gas Abundance and LNG Exports

Todd Snitchler, API

By Todd Snitchler, Group Director of Market Development at the American Petroleum Institute The evidence is in. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports support jobs and economic growth.

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Xmas tree Number of the Week image

…It’s Christmas every day of the year in the oil and gas industry.  The assembly of valves and fittings used in oil wells is known as a Christmas tree because of its shape. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_tree_(oil_well)

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Number crunching

Number of the week poster

by Olaf Martins, IOGP Global Engagement Manager. As an economist by education and training, I find great comfort in numbers. You know where you are with a nice round figure – or even the occasional odd one.  

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9 endorsements for IOGP's safe fabrication sites recommended practices Number of the Week image

9 endorsements for IOGP’s safe fabrication sites recommended practices. Download the publication from the IOGP bookstore.  

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1000 barrels Number of the Week image

…The number of extra barrels of oil produced per each 8-hour shift every day for the past 1,000 days to meet rising global demand. According to the International Energy Agency, demand for oil will probably continue to rise between now and 2040. Source: IEA Word Energy Outlook 2017 and IOGP …

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Global Energy Brief – Demand

Global Energy Brief – Demand

Oil & gas investment needed along the lower carbon pathway. In line with the world’s commitment to a future that sees global temperatures increasing by no more than 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, oil & gas will still be needed to meet about half of global energy needs between now and 2040.

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