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Zero percent

The percent (to the nearest whole number) of the world’s energy consumption supplied by wind power during 2014 (the most recent year for which reliable figures are available).  The exact figure was  0.46%.

That’s the key point made by energy commentator Matt Ridley in the 13 May issue of The Spectator.  In an article that puts the impact of renewables into perspective, he says that ‘if you want to power civilisation with fewer greenhouse gas emissions, then you should focus on shifting power generation, heat and transport to natural gas, the economically recoverable reserves of which – thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – are much more abundant than we dreamed they ever could be.  It is also the lowest-emitting of the fossil fuels, so the emissions intensity of our wealth creation can actually fall while our wealth continues to increase…’

Sources: IEA’s Key Renewable Trends and The Specatator


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