IOGP reaches out in Guyana

As Guyana comes into its own oil age, the development of a national standards system provides a significant opportunity for adoption of API and IOGP guidelines and recommended practices.

In February, a joint delegation from API and IOGP travelled to Guyana’s capital Georgetown to impress upon government officials how they could assist in the development of new regulations and legislation. This was a follow up to the 2-day workshop organized by API and IOGP in September 2019 for Guyanese oil and gas industry stakeholders on the use of HSSE standards and best practices in the oil and gas industry.

IOGP’s Americas Director, Wafik Beydoun, and API’s Alexa Burr, Rebecca Winkel, and Ryan Nelson met with several Guyanese agencies hosted by the Guyanese National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), international oil companies with stakes in the nation’s oil and gas industry, and the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD).

“We found an openness to API-IOGP guidelines and recommended practices,” said Wafik Beydoun. “As Guyana begins developing new regulations and legislation, we will continue to share best practices and experience with stakeholders – including government officials – and be open to their questions, concerns, and ideas.” 

The delegation informed the CLBD on how API programs, including workforce and training programs, and IOGP products could help develop the business ecosystem in support of oil and gas operations.

It also met with ExxonMobil, Total, Hess, and Tullow Oil to learn about the specifics of operating in Guyana.

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