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IOGP Membership fees and options

Company Members

Members1 are allocated to a Group according to the regions in which they have an interest in operations2 and the level of company gross BOE global hydrocarbon production.

The IOGP operating regions are:
1 Americas, 2 Asia Pacific, 3 Europe, and 4 Middle East & Africa

The Production Tiers are:

TierCompany Gross BOE Global Production
1including and above 1.5 million boe/d
2including and above 0.5 million boe/d
3including and above 0.1 million boe/d
4below 0.1 million boe/d

Groups are assigned according to the number of operating regions and production tier:

IOGP Fee GroupsRegion 1Region 2Region 3Region 4
Production Tier 1Group BGroup AGroup AGroup A
Production Tier 2Group CGroup BGroup BGroup B
Production Tier 3Group DGroup CGroup CGroup B
Production Tier 4Group DGroup DGroup CGroup C

1 For types of Membership please refer to the IOGP Memorandum and Articles of Association.
2 Includes Joint Ventures (JVs), licences, etc. For full detail please refer to the IOGP Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Membership Fees

2023 Base Fee

The Global Base Fee for 2023, payable by all IOGP Members, is £30,000 (Sterling).

2023 Global Multiplier

The Global Base Fee is then subject to the 2023 Global Multiplier, according to Group.

Group2023 Global Multiplier

Associate Members

Associate Members are in Group C, regardless of global operating regions, and subject to the Group C multiplier.
In addition, a 0.5 multiplier is applied in recognition of Associate Members’ non-voting status.

Association Members

Association Members are in Group D, and subject to the Group D multiplier.

European Service Fee

The European Service Fee, payable by Members declaring an interest in Europe, is: €53,000 p.a. to cover the cost of running the Brussels office and its associated activity. The European Service Fee is subject to the 2023 European Multiplier according to company Group.

2023 European Multiplier

Group2023 European Multiplier

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