Life-Saving Rules

NB – January 2018. Please note that the Life-Saving Rules are currently undergoing revision following review of the last five years of safety data. The intention is to update and improve clarity while keeping changes to a minimum. The new suite of rules and accompanying materials are due for publication in Q2 of 2018. Users may still request the current supporting materials but may wish to wait for the release of the updates.

Back in 2010 IOGP reviewed 1484 fatal incidents and 1173 high potential events for trends related to the cause and the use of protective barriers. The result was the IOGP Life-Saving Rules.

The Rules provide operational workers and supervisors with simple, clear icons and instructions on the actions they can take to protect themselves. A set of eight core rules and ten additional rules were selected. The 8 core rules correspond to 40% of the fatal incidents analysed, and the full set of 18 rules correspond to 70% of the fatal incidents analysed.

Each IOGP Life-Saving Rule consists of a simple icon and descriptive text, with additional detailed guidance to explain why the Rule is important and what aspects workers and supervisors can focus on.

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Supporting materials

Below you’ll find supporting materials such as posters, presentations and notepads that can be used during inductions or toolbox talks. These are in high resolution and ready to send to your printer of choice.

The user accepts that any use of the IOGP Life Saving Rules shall be on an ‘as is basis’ and that the responsibility for the interpretation and use of the IOGP Life Saving Rules lies with the user. In no event will the IOGP or any contributor to the development of the IOGP Life Saving Rules (or an affiliate of such contributor) be liable for (financial or other) damages or losses of any kind whatsoever sustained by any third party arising from the possession, use of, or reliance on, the IOGP Life Saving Rules.

The user further agrees to only use the IOGP Life Saving Icons and specific accompanying wording un-amended in the form as provided by IOGP

Please contact IOGP to access the following materials

  • .jpg and .eps files of the 8 Core Rule icons
  • .jpg and .eps files of the 10 Supplementary Rule icons
  • .jpg files of 8 Core Workcards
  • .jpg files of 10 Supplementary Workcards

Supporting materials are made available under the Life-Saving Rules User agreement.

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Background and data

You can read more about how the Rules were developed and how IOGP has been keeping track of their use and impact in industry in these two papers presented at SPE conferences:

Consult our Safety performance annual reports

IOGP Safety Performance Indicators - 2015 data
Process Safety Events - 2015 data
Motor vehicle crash data - 2008-2015

More on learning from events

Components Of Organizational Learning From Events

Report No: 552

This report describes some of the components an organization might consider if it wants to improve how it learns from operating experience to reduce risk and prevent incidents.

There are many different opinions on what is required to successfully learn from events. Many companies are on a journey to improve learning from events, and may be currently focusing on particular areas.

This report provides a survey of the practice and experience in IOGP member companies. Member companies can use this to decide whether there are additional working practices that they might benefit from adopting. It is not intended to be a standard and does not recommend a particular approach.