We regularly publish opinions on the benefits of oil and gas, with contributions from industry professionals as well and IOGP staff.

U.S. Natural Gas Abundance and LNG Exports

Todd Snitchler, API

By Todd Snitchler, Group Director of Market Development at the American Petroleum Institute The evidence is in. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports support jobs and economic growth.

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Number crunching

Number of the week poster

by Olaf Martins, IOGP Global Engagement Manager. As an economist by education and training, I find great comfort in numbers. You know where you are with a nice round figure – or even the occasional odd one.  

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Mitigating methane:  nobody’s perfect (but we’re working on it)

by Menelaos (Mel) Ydreos, Executive Director, Public Affairs, International Gas Union (IGU) One of the most memorable lines in film is from  the comedy, Some Like It Hot.  It comes at the very end when Jack Lemmon – in surprisingly convincing drag – confesses to ardent millionaire suitor Joe E. Brown that …

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Changing perspectives: ‘You learn to appreciate things that you previously took for granted’

What happens when your life alters in a split second and everything you know is thrown into disarray? As BP’s global head of operations, it’s Fuzzy Bitar’s job to lead teams around the world to produce oil and gas safely, reliably and efficiently every day. But, as he explains here, …

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A broad carbon tax coalition

By Pete Trelenberg, ExxonMobil’s environmental policy and planning manager. For some time now, it’s been apparent that a uniform price of carbon applied consistently across the economy is a sensible approach to reducing emissions. Specifically, a revenue-neutral carbon tax is one option being considered by policymakers that offers the best prospects …

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Natural gas is key to solving climate change 

By Marco Alverà, President of GasNaturally. Fighting climate change and improving air quality are among the most pressing challenges of our time. Natural gas will play a significant role in addressing these challenges. For Europe, 2017 and 2018 are crucial years as 3 major pieces of legislation are being discussed: the Clean Energy Package, the Emissions Trading System Reform, and the Mobility Package. Central to the debate of all of these initiatives is the use of …

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Bosphorus reflections

By Gordon Ballard, IOGP Executive Director  Recently back from the World Petroleum Congress (WPC) in Istanbul, I’ve been thinking back on both its setting and the themes that emerged. Just over a century ago, Istanbul (then Constantinople) was the capital of an empire that encompassed what are now several of …

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EuroMUN – bringing together future world leaders

They say ‘travel broadens the mind’. I truly believe this is the reason why hundreds of students traveled from different corners of the world to the southernmost city in the Netherlands – Maastricht –  where they took part in the 10th European Model United Nations – EuroMUN.

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Pricing carbon to help address climate change

By Paul Jefferiss, Head of Policy, BP Sometimes climate change can seem to be a bit like the weather.  Everybody talks about it, but nobody seems able to do much about it. With climate change, however, that perception is wrong.  In fact, there’s been considerable progress in developing government policy …

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