Business needs fair competition, clear and transparent rules, and investor certainty.

The B20’s policy recommendations to the G20 include advancing climate protection and resource efficiency.

  • Curtailing Climate Change – The G20 should curtail climate change by implementing the Paris Agreement, developing consistent and robust carbon pricing, as well as by fostering green finance. Recommendation
  • Fostering the Global Energy Transition – The G20 should accelerate the market readiness and deployment of low-carbon technologies through effective and predictable energy policies, a joint innovation agenda, and strengthened Energy Access Action Plans. Recommendation
  • Advancing Resource and Energy Efficiency – The G20 should advance resource and energy efficiency by establishing a Resource Efficiency Platform and translating the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Investment Principles into a policy toolkit.

Leran more about the B20 at https://www.b20germany.org/news/news/article/b20-policy-recommendations-shaping-an-interconnected-world/

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