• 57%

    According to a recent survey, over 57% of Germans view natural gas as the best complement to renewables.

  • 70%

    According to a recent survey, 70% of Germans think that their country will continue to use natural gas at the same rate or higher in the future.

  • 10%

    By 2040, demand for desalinated water in Middle East will account for over 10% of the region’s energy consumption.

  • 2x

    By 2040, the amount of energy used in the water sector will double.

  • 300 million

    Over 300 million people around the wold rely on desalinated water. Oil and gas provides energy to produce water.

  • 1991

    Thanks in large part to natural gas, US energy-related CO2 emissions are down to what they were in 1991 .

  • 30%

    Global energy demand will increase by around 30% to 2035, an average growth of 1.3%/year.

  • 2/3 ...

    2/3 of the growth in global consumption of liquid fuels (by 2035) will be driven by the transport sector with support from industry

  • 1 ...

    1 energy resource that every country possesses in abundance: energy efficiency

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About oil and gas

The world’s population is growing.  So is the need for energy.  For heat.  For light.  For transport. For food and water. And for industry, which makes those things you want and need.

In 2013 the world used the equivalent of about 13.5 billion tonnes of oil to meet its energy needs. By 2040 the world will need 17.9 billion tonnes of oil equivalent: an increase of about one third. (International Energy Agency)

The ‘About oil and gas’ webpages help explain how only a balanced energy future can meet the world’s growing energy needs, supported by data from energy companies and independent institutions.

It’s all a question of balance.

When considering your energy future, you probably want to know that you will get all the energy you need when you want it at a price you can afford. You also want assurance that your energy use won’t harm the planet.

Did you know – Oil and gas by numbers

Every week, we post a ‘Number of the week’ to highlight the important role oil and gas plays in society. Each number is accompanied by a short explanation.

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