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IOGP Highlights - March 2015 March 2015 
Open letter to European Council on the Energy Union package March 2015 
Oxy-Arc Underwater Cutting Recommended Practice471March 2015 
Safety performance indicators – Process safety events – 2013 data - Fatal incident and high potential events2013pfhMarch 2015 
Electrotechnical standards relevant for the oil and gas industry530March 2015 
Open letter on the Energy Union package March 2015 
IOGP Highlights - February 2015 February 2015 
Shaping safety culture through safety leadership (Spanish translation) - Modelando una cultura de seguridad a través del liderazgo en seguridad452ESPFebruary 2015 
Oil & gas exploration and production, strong markets key to Energy Union success  February 2015 
IOGP Position Paper on Energy Union February 2015