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Reform leads to new value chain opportunities, says Mexico’s Energy Secretary  May 2016 
Generic exposure scenario for the use of chemicals in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons using high-volume hydraulic fracturing553May 2016 
Questions and Answers on energy subsidies in EuropeEUQA1605May 2016 
Operating Management System Framework - Japanese translation510JMay 2016 
Shaping safety culture through safety leadership - Japanese translation452JMay 2016 
Health leading performance indicators - 2015 data2015hMay 2016 
CHC Helicopter Crash Norway 29 April 2016 - Position Paper May 2016 
New technologies in offshore monitoring - Summary546SummaryMay 2016 
2015 Annual Highlights  May 2016 
Firearms and the use of force320May 2016 

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