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Hydrocarbon BREF letters
10 September, 2015

Hydrocarbon BREF letters

As a clarification to some media reports, IOGP would like to openly publish two letters that it has sent to the European Commission earlier this year. More >

IOGP releases sample P Formats files
17 July, 2015

IOGP releases sample P Formats files

In support of the recent upgrade to version V1.1 of the OGP P1/11 and OGP P2/11 position data exchange formats the IOGP Geophysical Operations Subcommittee has published two sample files. More >

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The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (now IOGP and formerly known as OGP) is the voice of the global upstream industry. Oil and gas continue to provide a significant proportion of the world’s energy to meet growing demands for heat, light and transport.

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